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The Vesperse

The Vesperse is an original narrative universe created by Founder and Chief Alchemist, J.Cottle. "My Blood The Ink" is currently in pre-production to be released as a narrative fiction podcast series.

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Original Art By: Vidun Mansitha 

My Blood The Ink

Dante Winston-Taylor will go down in history as one of the most acclaimed occult-biographers and Academics of the Arcane. But years before his rise to fame, he’s just a young man running away from problems he hopes magic will fix. Courted by a talking spider and haunted by the specters of his past, Dante’s journey to find himself will lead him through epic adventures and heartbreaking romances and weave him into a tapestry of experiences beyond his wildest imagination.

My Blood The Ink is a story for all the dreamers and wanderers that have buried their belief of the fantastic beneath cynicism, frustration, and despair. Love, hope and magic are still there, waiting for us. Let’s find them all together.  

The Cast of My Blood The Ink

Shavonne Brown

Shavonne Brown: Sybella, Ranna

Jude Torres

Jude Torres: Selwyn, Wolfric Ortega, Neptune

Jay Connolly

Jay Connolly: Coyote, Mannanan

Jasmine Garcia

Jasmine Garcia: Namaka, Loor

Neo Gcabo

Neo Gcabo: Olokun, Sebenah

Kira Sarai Helper

Kira Sarai Helper: Claire, Tannith, Geneva Oceanspray

Dìjì Kay

Dìjì Kay: Spider, Susanoo

mica rose

mica rose: Tam Kung, Fox, Suraj

Maya Baca

Maya Baca: Keladry, Seshat, Solacia


Zakiyyah: Danai, Cregga, Francesca Blackwater


J.Cottle: Dante Winston-Taylor Series Writer & Director

Miguel Landestoy

Miguel Landestoy: Series Composer

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