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Jasmine Garcia


Photo Credit: Olivia Moon

Jasmine Garcia is a singer, arts-manager, and advocate for self-empowerment through the arts. A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts with a degree in Arts Management and Sociology, Jasmine serves as the Education Programs Director at Dunamis. She has performed at the iconic Feinstein's 54 Below as a cast member of This is Treatment, as well as at the Oberon as part of the cast of The Haunt. She continues to perform with her band Petrichor where she is a featured vocalist. Throughout her work as an educator and arts-administrator, Jasmine seeks to integrate sociology, arts management and performance towards igniting agency, finding identity and making connections through curiosity.

Jasmine is drawn to stories that showcase humanity and the essence of who we are. She loves diverse, inter-cultural narratives that feature anti-heroes and explore the full spectrum of humanity, especially outside the range of whats considered "normal". She believes that storytelling is a brave space that allows us to make sense of the world and communicate with each other in ways our day to day lives don't always leave room for. 


Her priority as a storyteller is to honor, uplift and uncover the stories of Latinx Women. So often their histories and perspectives are obscured because at some pivotal moment in their lives, they transitioned from existing as themselves, to instead sacrificing a level of agency and freedom to center the needs and futures of those around them. As a second-generation Puerto-Rican American Jasmine also wants to explore the cultural and emotional purgatory often felt by people of the Latin Diaspora.  

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