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Our Elixir

Our Potion of Possibilities

We are so much more than a production company.  ​As Alchemists of the Imagination, we're in the business of transformation. We create stories that center black and brown characters, are queer, joyful, full of love and dipped in magic and use them to transform you. We do this all so that this new you, this you with a bit more joy, a bit more love, a bit more hope, and a bit more magic, can go transform the world. Through the art we produce, we imagine a better world. Through you, we make that world a reality.


How do we create a safe, artist-centered space that provides creatives of color with a joyful and artistically rigorous experience?


How do we execute high level artistic work that imagines the best of humanity and moves individuals to spark changes in their own lives and communities?

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